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White Shoes

Elusive Jazz

About Me

Gerry Burns aka White Shoes

In the flowers, streams, wind, woods, in the very air, are elusive, evocative melodies that few musicians can capture. Maybe it's all one huge melody - variations on a theme that are so natural it seems like you've heard them before, even if hearing them for the first time. It's a melody so natural, it seems like it was always present, floating around your mind, echoing the whole world. Like the burbling of a brook, or the sighing of the wind through the pines, this music is comfortable in the natural world. 

You might call these original compositions light, acoustic jazz, but they are also simply pleasant, yet really sophisticated. Put a name on it and it wiggles out from under the label. Perhaps this music is best called "elusive jazz." 

 These haunting jazz melodies also allow for the wide range of improvisation, the listener's mind wanders into memories and reveries, just as the musician's hand wanders into new realms over his instrument. Each time a song is played, it becomes a new melody, yet remains part of the original, part of the whole. 

Gerry's recently released CD--Live at Ruta Maya--was recorded at the venerable Austin night spot. It features Gerry and six other top musicians including guitar great John Inmon.  

"I can't get these songs out of my mind," says Inmon. "He's got a great gift for melody. His songs are so pleasant, and they're really sophisticated."

Gerry's releases include White Shoes, White Shoes Too, 3 of a Pair and The 4th Pair


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